What to Wear

I recommend wearing something fun and colorful with texture to show off personality.
Textured clothing and accessories tends to photograph better and add visual interest.

Two or Three People:
It can be difficult to coordinate colors and not look to "matchy".
I recommend picking a few colors, but try to not put them in the same exact clothing.
Pick colors that compliment each other. Think jewel tones (pink, purple, turquoise, blue, green, orange).

I recommend having the parents dress fashionable yet simple and focus more on the kids.
If you have 5 or more people dressing in many layers and accessories, it can be too busy. It is best to keep it simple and clean.
Dark pants or jeans have a nice way of bringing a look together with different tops in the same color pallet.

Layers not only add texture to the photos, but allows you to shed layers for different looks.
Patterns can be a good thing but it is probably best to avoid clothing with large graphics and logos.

The suggestions given should not deter you from a certain look if you have something in mind. If you need any help, I am always available to give suggestions depending on where we are shooting and if you have a theme in mind. You can also check out my Pinterest page. I have a section on what to wear.


You are more than welcome to bring any item or items that are special to you whether it be a favorite toy, musical instrument, hobby items, sports items or anything else that you can think of.
If there is a specific theme you are looking for, please let me know. I can suggest personal items that you might have to help make the photo shoot even more special. I also have props available.

Pets in Photos:
Your pets are members of the family too! You are more than welcome to bring your pets to the shoot. Please make sure someone is there to handle the pets when they’re not participating in the shoot so they don’t cause too much of a distraction. Also note that pets sometimes are not cooperative, therefore we might not get any good shots with them.

Session Location:
I am typically an on-location, outdoor natural light photographer.
Your home is always a wonderful option where a natural light source is available.
If you need help picking a location, please let me know. I have many "special" spots that are great.
Examples of great outdoor locations are parks, woods, playgrounds, beaches, downtown city and urban areas.
Very select indoor public places are also available. I have a couple of places I use that are at no additional cost. If there is a particular place you would like to use, DW Photography will check to make sure there is not a permit needed at an additional cost to use that site.

Best Time for Outdoor Shoots:
This depends largely on the time of year—generally you want to try to avoid the mid-day sun. Sessions held around 8-10am or 4-7pm offer the best lighting for photos typically. Of course, your children's schedules should play a big part in timing—children that are rested and fed always have great photo shoots, no matter what time of day!

What is Custom Photography:
Custom Photography is all about the experience and is based on being unique to the client. I never want you to have that "next in line" feeling that is common with chain studios.
Custom photography works great for clients with the desire to have portrait art that is truly personalized and not the typical cookie cutter studio setting. It requires a level of commitment, planning and investment in money and time on the part of the client and requires an equally matched commitment from the photographer as well.
With custom photography, you know you will receive a product that the photographer proudly attaches their name to. You are receiving creations that are artistically thought out and executed, portraits that meet the photographer's creative sensibilities during the photo session and in post production.

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